Magical Moments of Bliss

I FIND HAPPINESS IN THE MOST ORDINARY PLACES IN THE SIMPLEST WAYS IN:   the crisp, fresh breath of morning air to which I wake up every day;   the aromatic cup of coffee which never fails to spark an instant energy I need to start off my day;   this very day that I get to own and create...[ read more ]

Old Self vs. New Self

It is the New Year. It is 2020 -  also the beginning of a new decade! Many of us are tempted to make New Year's resolutions around this time and have at least attempted to execute some of them by this time. In mulling over our desire for change, I began to reflect on many of the profound conversations I've...[ read more ]

New Year’s Resolution: New Tips for Success

The New Year has begun and is well under way. There’s much ado about starting anew with various intentions and personal goals people set out to accomplish. At this time of year, however, many people are also susceptible to the pressure of making more meaningful and valuable resolutions. Maybe the pressure is more about sticking to the goals which often...[ read more ]

Letting Go

Every day, all of us have to make decisions as to what to keep in our lives and what to discard. Letting go of old habits, relationships, thought patterns, belief systems, or lifestyles we’ve espoused or held onto for a long time is not an easy task. We are challenged (sometimes by our own will and sometimes by circumstance) to...[ read more ]

Befriend PAIN

Would you believe me if I were to tell you PAIN IS THE WAY?   Nobody, including myself, likes to feel anything that remotely hurts or stings either physically or emotionally. We tend to shun whatever that pokes and makes us cringe.   Ironically, however, pain serves as a vital role in making us more wholesome. Sounds like a big...[ read more ]

Three A’s

As human-beings, one of the greatest blessings we've inherited is the gift of language.   What's even more fascinating is how we have the capacity to create an art of love, peace, and even conflict by the sheer choice of words we get to pick in our everyday expressions.   With words, we also possess the power to create infinite...[ read more ]

New Face of ADD: Culturally Derived Condition and Its Biggest Culprit

As the New Year kicks off to its full swing, there are much talks about making meaningful resolutions and finding ways to actualize them without fail. Though unique and different every year, one common theme that always seems to be re-emerging around this time is how to increase productivity and become more successful. Productivity is often considered as the number...[ read more ]

Science Behind Power of Play: How Play Can Improve Health, Work, and Family Relationships

In modern lives, play is not something many people entertain or even incorporate as part of a daily routine. For most adults, play is regarded as trivial and its significance, under-estimated. More often than not, play is thought of something that’s exclusive to the world of children. A new body of research is proving it to be otherwise. It turns...[ read more ]

Considering a Divorce?

Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people, committing to a lasting relationship.   In reality, however, couples do invariably encounter some challenging moments in their ongoing efforts to preserve the intimate pledge.   If and when dissolution of marriage has to be considered, it can be construed as a symptom of a rupture causing extreme pain experienced in the...[ read more ]

Relationship Matters

All of Life is RELATIONSHIP; it is how we relate to people, things, ideas, and our past experiences that define who we are. Our RELATIONSHIP to our ideas – cultural, religious, social, moral – provides the most fundamental basis for gauging our sense of who we are as we progress through life. But it is our RELATIONSHIP to others that...[ read more ]

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