Magical Moments of Bliss



the crisp, fresh breath of morning air to which I wake up every day;


the aromatic cup of coffee which never fails to spark an instant energy I need to start off my day;


this very day that I get to own and create in whatever way I envision;


the privilege I was given to witness someone’s tears of affection punctuated by the pangs of regret and sincere apology;


the priceless gift of heart I received without being asked of anything in return;


the service (however menial) I was able to provide pro bono to those in need;


the beautiful smile of a stranger that momentarily, yet mystically lifted my soul weary from a long day;


the few minutes of a breather through which I was able to regroup my shambled thoughts;


the sense of longing for someone who’s yet to be known;


the memories of the unforgotten past which have become the seed of motivation for today and hope for tomorrow;


the unconditional regard from the love of my sounding board;


the new encounter which is being woven into the new chapter of my life;


the tragedy suffered out of which genuine humaneness is born;


the hurt that has become the cornerstone of my vision for what it means to be alive;


the amazing talents of my beloved of which I am the beneficiary;


the simplicity in life whose window lets me to peek at its vast complexity;


the world of imagination which frees me from the binds of the daily grind;


the gift of language which is the reason for my daily experiences being enriched thousand fold;


the ebbs and flows of my day-to-day routines which make my life that much more fun and exciting;


the expected and anticipated which reassure me of some predictability in my life;


the unsullied face of a child whose infinite purity is my teacher of indisputable truth and wisdom;


the surprise in store for me, whether it be good or bad, because it incessantly adds spice to my life which would otherwise be a humdrum;


the warm greeting from a total stranger which invokes a sense of oneness in humanity;


all the blunders I make throughout the day because they make me real, sober and humble with a new corrective vision;


the end of the day when I am finally allowed a respite to re-charge myself to continue to venture new adventures;


my own willpower to exercise in taking care of myself;


and the unlimited access to the pulchritude of Nature for which I never have to pay.


These are the daily underpinning of my natural highs for which I am ever more grateful and indebted to.


And most of all…


I am grateful for this very moment of being aware of these (and other) blissful gifts which I undeservingly get to own this day and every day of my life.

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