Considering a Divorce?

Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people, committing to a lasting relationship.
In reality, however, couples do invariably encounter some challenging moments in their ongoing efforts to preserve the intimate pledge.
If and when dissolution of marriage has to be considered, it can be construed as a symptom of a rupture causing extreme pain experienced in the relationship.
When faced with these delicate times, it would be important to ponder healing and recovery first and foremost prior to making any major decisions.  I would encourage any couples facing such predicament to re-examine the history they’ve co- created, shared, and communed during the course of their journey together.
Marriage is about making history and each couple has a unique opportunity to do so.
When such process becomes fragmented for whatever reasons, it would be critical for couples to first grieve the loss and heal from it. In the process, a new door could be open to uncover and reclaim personally significant meaning ascribed to each of their unique account.
Whatever the decision thereafter, all couples deserve an ample time to recount and celebrate their unique success achieved together in order to derive the most sensible resolution.

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