Befriend PAIN

Would you believe me if I were to tell you PAIN IS THE WAY?
Nobody, including myself, likes to feel anything that remotely hurts or stings either physically or emotionally. We tend to shun whatever that pokes and makes us cringe.
Ironically, however, pain serves as a vital role in making us more wholesome.
Sounds like a big oxymoron, right?
Don’t get me wrong.
It isn’t quite what you think it is.
Let me try to explain what I really mean by this.
Pain doesn’t automatically make our life better or happier per se (I know you know this already), but it almost always guides us to discover the hidden gem within us and in our day to day struggles.
By letting us see what really matters after all….
You see – when we experience pain, it forces us to put things into perspective and see things from a different angle. All of a sudden, life takes on a new meaning and momentum even for a fleeting moment until we have to be reminded again.
It is also through adversity that we get to see how strong we are and what fortitude we have to weather the storm repeatedly coughed up by life.
More often than not, that’s how many people end up knocking on my door.
What most people don’t know is that the answers that they’re seeking are actually within their means and deeply dormant inside of their own agency.
Therapy is simply a vehicle through which people are able to reclaim their lost sense of power, control, and resolve to be their own agent of healing and growth.
This is one of the most mind-boggling miracles uncovered in every single session I have with my clients. What is so obvious and fundamental to our very existence is something to which we often remain oblivious until we’re struck with a painful nudge of some sort. Of course life would be so much easier if we could get there without any pain, but we all know how life isn’t always so kind either.
Pain is one of those instinctual forces of nature that is indispensable to our sense of being alive.
Being alive means we’re meaningfully connected to our intrinsic ability to feel, emote, experience certain sensations, and execute them in a purposeful way.
Pain helps us to do that by re-centering us and reawakening the deadening soul to pick up that spirit of wholesomeness again.
Every day, this is what I get to re-affirm through my work – how pain functions as the essential inner compass that never fails to redirect our vision to see and savor how awesome this very moment of being alive really is.

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