Relationship Matters

All of Life is RELATIONSHIP; it is how we relate to people, things, ideas, and our past experiences that define who we are.

Our RELATIONSHIP to our ideas – cultural, religious, social, moral – provides the most fundamental basis for gauging our sense of who we are as we progress through life.

But it is our RELATIONSHIP to others that defines us most profoundly – it is the mirror in which we may see ourselves.

The concept of inner harmony embodies the importance of meaningful relationships through which we come to differentiate our own distinct being and organize our subjective world of reality.

Relationship matters because it is the primary vehicle through which we come to be cognizant of our own existence and achieve our own sense of meaning and purpose in life as we are connecting with other fellow human beings.

Genuine human relationships allow our individual identities to emerge and thrive. Our sense of who we are is essentially interdependent on significant others who can validate, acknowledge, and support our development as individuals.

The presence of such people in our lives is the sine qua non for our optimal being; without it, our burgeoning selves are likely to shrivel up before they could fully ripen and bear fruit.

In the absence of such indispensable human connections, we could suffer from intense emotional pain and psychological disequilibrium which may force us to resort to alternative means of stability (i.e. various forms of addiction).

In our attempts to fill the void and momentarily satiate our innate thirst for human bonding, we may rely on ephemeral solutions, hoping that they might permanently relieve us from the emotional suffering.

These temporary diversions, however, could ultimately eradicate our core being without ever fulfilling our deep-seated longing for genuinely meaningful human intimacy.

Relationship heals, empowers, strengthens, transforms, and unites all of us.

Genuinely fulfilling relationship is the quintessential ingredient of human happiness and the core basis of our well-being.

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