Science Behind Power of Play: How Play Can Improve Health, Work, and Family Relationships

In modern lives, play is not something many people entertain or even incorporate as part of a daily routine. For most adults, play is regarded as trivial and its significance, under-estimated. More often than not, play is thought of something that’s exclusive to the world of children. A new body of research is proving it to be otherwise. It turns...[ read more ]

Considering a Divorce?

Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people, committing to a lasting relationship.   In reality, however, couples do invariably encounter some challenging moments in their ongoing efforts to preserve the intimate pledge.   If and when dissolution of marriage has to be considered, it can be construed as a symptom of a rupture causing extreme pain experienced in the...[ read more ]

Relationship Matters

All of Life is RELATIONSHIP; it is how we relate to people, things, ideas, and our past experiences that define who we are. Our RELATIONSHIP to our ideas – cultural, religious, social, moral – provides the most fundamental basis for gauging our sense of who we are as we progress through life. But it is our RELATIONSHIP to others that...[ read more ]

Unveiling the Secret to Happiness : Nature or Nurture?

The science of happiness has been increasingly gaining public attention in recent years as researchers are trying to delineate the specific determinants of individual sense of well-being or  life satisfaction. What constitutes human happiness has long been considered to be subjective but recent studies are showing that it might not be entirely so. Happiness Gene According to experts, the level...[ read more ]

New Research Reveals How Motor Activity Can Aid Cognitive Functioning of Children with ADHD

A recent study has challenged the previous understanding and revealed that over-correcting gross motor activity in children with ADHD can actually decline their cognitive functioning and hence, their academic performance (Sarver et al., 2015).  [1] New Findings Contrary to the common notion, researchers concluded that children with ADHD rely heavily on movement and motor activity to perform their executive functions,...[ read more ]

Assisted Suicide Legalized in California with Ensuing Controversy

Any legislation involving the matter of life and death has to be emotionally charged and controversial.  For more than a decade, the subject of euthanasia has sparked much debate among various patient rights advocacy groups and religious leaders in terms of its moral, ethical, and legal grounds and ramifications. The practice of deliberately ending a life in order to relieve...[ read more ]

Pokemon Fever: A New Cultural Phenomenon Consuming Humanity

In this era of mobile technology, video games have never been more popular.  Among them, Pokemon by Nintendo is considered to be one of the most beloved games with the biggest fan base around the globe. Since its creation 17 years ago, Pokemon has dominated the field of mobile games, especially with the latest version of Pokemon Go released early...[ read more ]

Surging Homelessness Calls For A New, Community-Based Approach

Homelessness is a chronic issue plaguing our society at large. Since the 2008 recession, the problem is not getting better but only worse. California is one of the major states continually struggling to deal with a rising homeless population which is now estimated at 27,000 – a number that’s expected to grow even more if left unattended. In response to...[ read more ]

Work Longer to Live Longer: New Research Data About Retirement and Its Impact

In modern living, work fills a big part of life. Work has long been considered to be one of the greatest virtues of mankind as it serves critical functions in human life. For many people, it is customary to spend many hours at work which is increasingly becoming the norm in modern culture. Because more people are spending longer hours...[ read more ]

Suicide Cluster on the Rise among Palo Alto’s Teens : Is it Contagious?

It all began in 2009 -2010 when four students and a recent graduate from Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, California killed themselves over a seven-month period. In just five years, the tragedy ensued and was followed by another four suicide victims this year. When a recent graduate from Gunn High killed himself on the tracks near East...[ read more ]

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