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For more than two decades, Dr. Oh has devoted her practice primarily in the areas of relational trauma, grief/loss, couples/family/multigenerational issues, and multicultural counseling (for multiethnic communities including LGBTQ), as well as personal empowerment.

Dr. Oh  is an avid proponent of a strength-based, relational approach to helping people as she firmly believes in each person’s intrinsic power to heal, grow, and thrive given the proper guidance and support.

Every individual is regarded respectfully as a whole being whose emotional, physical, and spiritual needs are addressed concurrently via uniquely constructed modes of healing and growth. Dr. Oh does not believe in a cookie cutter model of treatment but rather endeavors to bring out the best in each person as the ultimate agent of change.

In the course of her career as a dually licensed clinician (licensed clinical psychologist PSY23845 and licensed marriage and family therapist MFC45121), Dr. Oh has spent more than a decade in community mental health, advocating for the underprivileged and indigent children and families of all different ethnicities.  Dr. Oh has also assumed various supervisory/managerial posts overseeing various County Programs aimed at preserving families and promoting the welfare of the underserved by directly interfacing with the Department of Mental Health and Department of Children and Family Services. For more than five years, Dr. Oh has concurrently served as Clinical Supervisor, teaching and mentoring interns and trainees in the field of Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Oh’s theoretical orientation is relational/intersubjective with the core emphasis on individual’s strengths whereby each person’s experience is contextualized from a holistic perspective in order to help effect one’s full potential.

Fluent in Korean, Dr. Oh is continuously devoted to helping people (children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families) of all different walks of life with individually unique challenges.


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